Blooming Sustainability

Posted on April 4, 2016


Yesterday in a workshop we were given a Bloom list of action verbs to use in course development  (eg this,  or this interactive version). These phrase lists are important, they underpin whole education systems (such as the NZ Qualifications Framework).

Nothing new, but on being reminded of these lists, it occurred to me that all the group words are missing: share, collaborate, negotiate, discuss (as in converse) etc.  Then I started thinking about wider core capabilities – all the soft skills, ethics, sustainability etc and I think words that enable them are largely missing too.  Where’s negotiate? collaborate? Where’s appreciate? Where’s accept uncertainty? (Ok not a single word).  Where’s scale? (as to to consider effects at a larger scale).  In particular, where is care?  And where is “to be scared by?”.


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