Mix and match: ICT and future scenarios

Posted on April 27, 2009


Sometimes the best things happen by accident.   In yesterday’s post I explored  Forum for the Future’s  Acting now for a positive 2018, preparing for radical change (report pdf). They present four scenarios of what the world might look like in ten years’ time with ICT getting a special consideration in each scenario.    I meant to include a summary of the implications of each scenario but when I went to make a single graphic of ICT implications and realised I’d forgotten to save them with sensible names.   Putting them back together proved quite engaging. 

So,  a little task for you, which of these ICT implications (coloured boxes below) line up with each of the 2018 scenarios?

Global Interest – An effective globalised response to global challenges prompts increased resource productivity and low-carbon growth. Companies have to play a greater role in supporting public services and infrastructure but reap the benefits of a broadly free, stable and prosperous world.

National Interest – Nations hoard their own resources and tighten their borders in a retreat to nationalism and protectionism. Global businesses all but disappear and companies are expected to support the national interest.

Patched-up Globalisation – Emerging markets rise as China stalls. Low-carbon technologies thrive, particularly biofuels. Successful companies are multinationals with a local feel, helping to deliver local development needs.

Me and Mine, Online – A highly networked world undermines individual countries and companies. Successful companies are now more like branded hubs, coordinating often temporary and short-lived supplier relationships to deliver customised products.






Here’s the answer:   (OK, so it’s in Turkish….google translate).

Global Interest: Pembe.  

National Interest: Yeşil.   

Patched-up Globalisation: Sarı.  

Me and Mine, Online: Mavi