The risk of ignoring them?

Posted on October 20, 2008


Dr Colin Boswell, my colleague at NACCQ,  sends me nuggets.  This time he’s sent news of a new report from Gartner “Green IT falls off the agenda“.   
ZDnet reports “The report lists the top 10 strategic technologies as follows, with green IT slipping from first position in the previous list, released in late 2007, to last place for next year… According to a spokesperson from Gartner, the technologies were ranked according to “clear [and] direct business impact”, “IT cost savings potential”, and “the risk of ignoring” them. 
This is the telling statement though: “IT was also focused on larger, economic issues”.   We haven’t yet managed to get IT Sustainability beyond a local cost saving associated with virtualisation etc, to something with a much bigger impact and the right thing to do.