eDay Dunedin

Posted on October 4, 2008



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We called down to the Dunedin branch of eDay today.   It was fantastically organised and everyone was in good spirits – well done Cath and Ros.  Here’s the slideshow

I was struck by the volume of CRT monitors (far exceeding the number of boxes).  Many of the screens seemed to be only a couple of years old, presumably the victims of flat screens.   No greater proof is needed of the impact of the development of technology on the environment.    While a flat screen uses far less power than a crt, and clearly should be prefered in purchasing,  I’m not so convinced of the benefits of premature disposal of nearly new equipment.   I can’t find an analysis of this, but would like to see one.

While the majority of CRTs are destined for recycling (aka scrap), the 17 inch monitors were carefully packaged for reuse.   

On the news tonight the Greens said eDay highlights the problem of eWaste.  Russel Norman says eWaste should be included as a priority in the waste minimisation act (requiring manufacturer responsibility for end-of-life).  Waste minimisation minister (so subtitled on the news, but not on the govt website), agrees about the impact of e-waste, but argues that industry needs a couple of years to get sorted first. 

I was pleased to see the extent to which treasures were being salvaged.   Neil James was sorting through the piles, grabbing classic machines to contribute to the TradeMe eDay charity auction.   

Well done everyone.