Greenhouse effect warms conversation

Posted on April 6, 2008



With apologies to Colin who thinks I should write about computers, here’s a great project from our School of Art. In association with the Dunedin Fringe, Jude Roberston and Clare Fleming are facilitating a community discussion through the media of a small glasshouse on the Museum reserve. The Grow Project is an

interactive visual artwork in which the public becomes the artist. You are warmly invited to share your thoughts around food and sustainability in exchange for an edible seedling

I was surprised by the depth and quality of the comments. While there was more than a fair smattering of “green is good” type notes, there was also some quite insightful thoughts and layers of dialog as people responded to earlier thoughts.

So here’s the computing angle. How do we help Jude and Clare both continue the discussion and preserve the artefact?