Interactive sustainability at National Maritime

Posted on October 24, 2007


Down the hill from the clocks at Greenwich is the National Maritime Museum. Underneath the ship driving simulator (you must try it) and the “all hands” interactive gallery is a small but effective gallery devoted to sustainability – primarily of the sea.

Amongst the usual messages (pollution, energy, fish stocks) a few things worth noting:

A nice wall called “your say” with inspiring quotes and a computer. I really like the idea of getting people to think about what they’ve learnt and reinforcing that by giving them the opportunity to get it down on paper. Some places have a message board, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one actually used- this computer-based version was no different.


A nice environmental management simulation challenges the visitor to manage an oil-spill. It is nicely thought out, only undermined by the amount of text – I watched a group of children have a quick look and move on.


A clever way of getting us to take note of the website with a hand stamping device.