New policy makes sustainability a priority for computing education

Posted on July 15, 2007


In what we think is a world first, Computing Education for Sustainability is now a  priority for NZ computing. The NACCQ represents most of New Zealand’s computing educators (all Institutes of Technology, all Polytechnics, with representation by some Universities), its conference is supported by the ACM’s SIGCSE. We are very happy to report that the following policy statement was unanimously endorsed by the recent Annual General Meeting.

NACCQ Policy Statement on Computing Education for Sustainability

Computing and IT underpins every sector of society as a pervasive and influential discipline with global impact. The NACCQ vision is that our graduates, our practitioners and our academics understand the concepts of social, environmental and economic sustainability in order for them to evaluate, question and discuss their role in the world and to enable them to make changes where and when appropriate.

Moreover, computing educators must take a lead in sustainability so that computing practitioners can be encouraged and supported to promote sustainable use of technology. This can primarily be achieved by the fostering of sustainability as a core value of computing education.

Creating a philosophy of Computer Education for Sustainability will be enhanced if undertaken within a context of institutional operational practice. We will then be seen to be modelling good practice.


The next step is an agenda and a workplan.