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The plot to destroy the planet in the meantime

September 6, 2009


Keep partying, the cavalry’s just round the corner – and they’re dressed in miracle green.   I’ve been reading Brian Dumaine’s “The plot to save the planet: How visionary entrepreneurs and corporate Titans are creating real solutions to global warming”. I’m pleased I read it after going to Susan Krumdieck’s talk last week.  This book […]

Green energy myths causing paralysis

September 2, 2009


There is a belief that  alternative clean energy sources and technologies will substitute for fossil fuels to meaning we can carry on living like we are now.   Dr Susan Krumdieck says this myth is dangerous, it has  “induced paralysis when change is needed…we need to use less energy…we need to stop driving around so much”. Every […]

Fridge door sustainability

May 6, 2009


Yesterday I was reviewing my notes on Ron Wakkary’s Rethinking users as creative everyday designers.   He gives an example of a family calendar to illustrate his argument that sustainable interaction design will be promoted by thinking about the users as everyday designers.   What he didn’t say was that calendar was part of a family’s […]

Rethinking users as creative everyday designers

May 5, 2009


Ron Wakkary and Karen Tanenbaum argue that by adopting a conception of the user as a creative everyday designer we can  generate a new set of design principles that promote sustainable interaction design: Everyday design offers a formal lens through which to reconsider interactions with and the use of designed artifacts in the home. The everyday designer is a […]

Down to Earth refilled my glass

April 13, 2009


My faith was somewhat restored today when I sat down to organise the photos from my trip.    There are indeed passionate and committed people in Boston, they’re just hard to find.    Fortunately I stumbled on the Boston sustainability expo: Down to Earth (or D2E). While not in the same league as Dott, it […]

Sustainability 2.0 doesn’t add up

March 31, 2009


Sustainability =  a good thing that requires a radicial shift in thinking Enterprise 2.0  = a good thing that requires a radical shift in thinking. Unfortunately, as every Year 9 student knows, these two statements do not necessarily prove that  Enterprise 2.0 = Sustainability. This elementary mistake in logic undermines the value of the otherwise […]

Greenwash damages credibility of State of Green Business Report

February 10, 2009


Intensity metrics are considered the next big thing in sustainability management and reporting.    They attempt to give an indication of the ‘good bang for the bad buck’.  Used properly, intensity metrics make more transparent the balancing decisions that face sustainable practitioners.  Unfortunately, they can also be used to obfuscate, or greenwash.  And it seems […]