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SimPa does the festival

September 18, 2008


We’ve been SimPa-ing at the Otago Maori and Pacific Island festival today.  What an amazing event, hundreds, perhaps thousands of kids performing and enjoying a wonderful celebration of diverse cultures.   Kids from several of the runaka groups Tori and Amber have been working with were performing.   These are from the combined Peninsula schools.  […]

Teacher friendly metadata underlies Texan database

October 25, 2007


Susan Clarke, Rachel Galan are giving a briefing on Texas Tides: Digital Learning Consortium. This is a platform for collaborative retelling of Texan history. It is described as having two sides: a website designed specifically for K12 teaching; and a searchable database of 16,000 digital resources. Is as much an education project as an archives […]

Wouldn’t it be great if…

October 22, 2007


   I think that the two biggest dangers of the sustainability message (worse perhaps than it being ignored entirely) is that it be boring and and it be preachy.  Both of these are guaranteed to defeat the message.   The organisers of the DoTT07 Festivalwere able to showcase several initiatives that were the very opposite of boring […]