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Working with the integrity of creation to achieve ecological salvation?

March 2, 2008


I’ve been reading an interesting thesis by Xiaming Gong: Church Involvement in Education for Sustainability: Using Participatory Action Research to Design a Faith-based Education for Sustainability Programme in a Christian Community, New Zealand (link, pdf). This is outside my own belief system so apologies in advance if I’ve misinterpreted something here. We’ve been having debates […]

SIDS: Blevis’ Sustainable Interaction Design

June 28, 2007


Eli Blevis’ “Sustainable Interaction Design: Invention and disposal, renewal and reuse” (pdf, ACM link), is set to become an influential paper in Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design, if not the wider computing sphere. Blevis describes a broad approach that brings together computing (HCI) and sustainability in a way that benefits both streams. He argues […]