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Byte here for sustainability: rethinking school lunch

June 26, 2007


I have a theory. A person’s sustainability awareness decreases while they are in tertiary education. Why? Three reasons. 1. We’re not very good at modelling sustainable behaviour (yes the skip, but also try informally applying the Green League criteria to your own organisation – I did, it’s not pretty) 2. According to Erik Erickson’s eight […]

We could learn lots from teachgreenpsych

June 18, 2007


Thanks to Anelibrary I’ve been looking at this really nice set of resources Described as “Teaching Psychology for Sustainability: A Manual of Resources“, the creators state that their purpose in creating this site… is to provide a resource to help instructors begin integrating psychology and environmental issues in their courses. The site has a […]

“they all seem good”: need for a green computer RFP template

June 3, 2007


Short story: Green IT is rapidly reaching saturation. We are now at the stage of computing practitioners having to chose between green options. This is good but some guidelines are desperately needed. Longer story: Forrester‘s recently published research on green IT has been reported as “Green meets deaf ears in IT” and Green issues overlooked […]

Over the fence: Engineering

May 24, 2007


In Challenge we borrowed from Cortese’s challenge to engineers to envision the future role of engineers in a sustainable future. That leads us to think about what else is happening in our sister disciplines : engineering; business; and design. Here we look at two initiatives in engineering, first at a professional level, then in education. […]