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Value chain and deep ecology

October 7, 2011


There’s a  article in the Harvard Business Review that caught my eye recently (Thanks Dave). It’s by Yvon Chouinard, Jib Ellison, and Rick Ridgeway (Patagonia and Blu Skye). They ask “what if externalised costs could be quantified and assigned? What if we could get to the point where the lowest-priced T-shirt was also the one […]

Sustainability strategies poorly supported by operational processes

February 27, 2009


As a facilitator of wider sustainable change, computing can have a far bigger impact than its own footprint.  But we’ve a long way to go.  Sophie Hallstedt finds that even in companies that have adopted sustainability as core strategy, there is little evidence of the decision systems needed to enable these goals.  In one chapter of […]

Talk for Tertiary IT Managers conference: Beyond Virtualisation-

September 19, 2008


I gave a talk today at the 26th Annual Tertiary IT Managers conference.   “Beyond Virtualisation: what’s next for IT sustainability”.   I explored computing and sustainability imperative, particularly in the tertiary sector. We looked at what other disciplines are doing and explored what it might mean to be a sustainable practitioner in computing.  We […]

Sustainability an “inane fad”? Let’s ride the wave!

July 15, 2007


Bob Jones describes green building as an “inanity” ( “I’m picking this to last about four years with the private sector and a decade with the government,” Jones’ argument goes like this: Government’s new aim to reduce the carbon footprint of its departments, installing power and water-saving devices along with other environmentally sound initiatives…But power […]