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Willard’s 5 stages

June 15, 2007


Bob Willard identifies five stages of an organisations adoption of sustainability. I think these are very useful – it helps give context to problems and decisions. I’m re-looking at the skip and the Green RFP, wondering where my profession and organisations fit on this continuum. To skip to the bottom, it may be presumptuous to […]

Peak computing?

June 13, 2007


While others focus on prominent issues – peak oil and carbon are particularly obvious right now – we try to stick to a wider interpretation of sustainability. My eyes pricked up then when people starting writing about “peak everything“. This graphic is from a New Scientist article by Armin Reller (University of Augsburg in Germany) […]

“they all seem good”: need for a green computer RFP template

June 3, 2007


Short story: Green IT is rapidly reaching saturation. We are now at the stage of computing practitioners having to chose between green options. This is good but some guidelines are desperately needed. Longer story: Forrester‘s recently published research on green IT has been reported as “Green meets deaf ears in IT” and Green issues overlooked […]

The skip and a working system (almost)

May 29, 2007


The skip (again). We have this skip, it causes much angst: poor attempt to meet those basic 6th grade principles. No attempt to reduce the packaging that our consumables are delivered in. No attempt to reuse the waste, and certainly no attempt to recycle it. This prompted me to write about the need for empowerment […]

A skip, a woodsman’s annual examination and the computer technician

May 27, 2007


Leigh posted this image of a skip outside our work. This skip has become somewhat of a symbol for all that is wrong with our attempts at sustainability. It has been there for months, usually filled with building detritus, sometimes computing packaging (as in the photo), and, for a while, the contents of science labs […]