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Of behavioural wedges and spillovers

September 21, 2012


In the New Zealand Parliament yesterday the Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues Simon Bridges repeatedly answered Kennedy Graham’s questions about worsening scientific evidence with answers about protecting NZ jobs (video). Only when the economy improves, he said, could we look at changes so long as they didn’t affect NZ jobs. In other words, the […]

Computing for habitual sustainability (and a cool bendy speedometer)

May 12, 2009


Minjung Sohn aims to produce products that are “used unconsciously by users with reduced environmental impacts”.   With her colleagues from KAIST, she  argues that existing approaches to eco-friendly design mainly focus on educating users, or making them recognise the need for sustainability.  In Designing with unconscious human behaviors for eco-friendly interaction, Minjung and her colleagues instead […]

Persuasive guidelines for behaviour change

May 6, 2009


 A theme of CHI for me this year was behaviour change.  This reflects the growing recognition that technology is at best only part of a solution.  Sunny Consolvo and her colleagues presented an interesting set of design strategies that support behaviour changes in everyday life (paper). They propose that persuasive technology developed following their guidelines will […]

No, it is not marketing’s fault – beyond the paper recycling bin

November 3, 2007


What am I doing now that detracts from a more sustainable future? On Thursday I presented “Green IT” to Otago University’s IT Seminar, organised by Neil James. Not knowing who to expect I started with “curriculum; community and compost” and then tried to make the talk generic enough to engage people from any of those […]

SIDS: Blevis’ Sustainable Interaction Design

June 28, 2007


Eli Blevis’ “Sustainable Interaction Design: Invention and disposal, renewal and reuse” (pdf, ACM link), is set to become an influential paper in Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design, if not the wider computing sphere. Blevis describes a broad approach that brings together computing (HCI) and sustainability in a way that benefits both streams. He argues […]