LivingCampus Forum

Posted on March 5, 2008



We’ve got a LivingCampus forum on Friday lunchtime. At this meeting we’re talking about what we’ve done so far and introducing a strategy to progress the design and implementation.

The key to this process is working groups to contribute to the design of each themed area to develop a plan that meets each of the three goals of productive garden, engaging learning experiences and vibrant campus.

We’ve engaged an organic designer, Michelle Ritchie, who also has a background in organic design, participatory planning and in teaching. She will work with each group to facilitate the process.

The LivingCampus is comprised of several themed areas and I’m hoping we can set up working groups to contribute to the design for each area. We especially would like to hear people’s perspectives on our hope the LivingCampus will form a basis for inclusion of sustainability into all programmes.