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Steam’s up for the Prime Minister

September 16, 2008


Well that was an interesting afternoon.     We’ve been to the opening of the Emperor’s Dragons at the Otago Museum.  Then, after nearly 90 minutes of speeches (being translated three ways), Phil and I dashed to the Dunedin Gas Works Museum for for another  function.  The reason for the busyness was the Prime Minister. […]

Sustainable practitioners: update

July 10, 2008


Last year Otago Polytechnic made a commitment that by 2009 “every graduate may think and act as a sustainable practitioner”. At the NACCQ conference last week, we were invited to present a summary of progress twoards this goal. Here’s the paper. It expands on this earlier presentation. Every Graduate Education for Sustainability one year on […]

“…and sustainability” Digital Strategy just greenwashing?

April 16, 2008


Lazowska described Green computing as the next space race. Yesterday the NZ Government released the draft Digital Strategy 2.0. In it, sustainability is listed as a key outcome but other than a few scattered statements, the document seems to have ignored both the potential impact and the opportunity. If green computing is indeed the next […]

Living Campus Participatory Planning

March 30, 2008


The LivingCampus is is both bottom up and top down. We have leadership from the top (our CEO Phil Ker is very supportive) and have a strong groundswell of support from our community. Incidentally, Phil makes a useful point that we need to move beyond an us (staff) and them (students) and others (oustide) and […]

LivingCampus proposal: More than a garden, more than a museum, more than a campus

February 4, 2008


We’re proposing the transformation of our campus to form a “LivingCampus”. I’ve been working on the proposal, here are some sections: This project will involve the complete renovation of the Polytechnic’s existing city campus, re-inventing the current, unsustainable outdoors environment as an open-air interactive museum, vibrant community garden and visionary hub for sustainability-oriented community education […]