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Heritage wayfaring

November 26, 2007


Did I mention that I take pictures of signs? Yes, I believe I did. As part of the Dunedin heritage project we’re looking at a permanent record of the city heritage. So, in my travels I’ve been looking at heritage wayfaring. Here’s the Flickr set. The trick now is going to be to integrate the […]

Community of heritage practice (if you’re a government employee)

October 27, 2007


Alan Bentley argues there is a need… to think more holistically about technology as not only a set of digital capacities inside heritage organizations, but also as a new and more participative process of how heritage organizations should work in a digital society. But it seems to me that they are struggling to look beyond […]

Three days of digital culture and heritage

October 25, 2007


We’re at ICHIM07 the international cultural heritage informatics meeting. The theme is Digital Culture and Heritage – Khlya and I are presenting our Simpa work this afternoon: Worlds colliding: Participatory storytelling and indigenous culture in building interactive games.The opening session is a tribute to someone I didn’t know, but has obviously had a big impact […]

Sustaining Dunedin’s Heritage

August 16, 2007


We’re just starting a major project to visualise every Dunedin building, ever. We’re aiming for a 3D immersive environment for any given date (perhaps with a timeline slider). In addition to the general coolness and education value, we’re hoping that it can be used as a modelling tool, say if some wants a new development […]

Towards mySustainableLens

May 19, 2015


mySustainableLens: A multimedia exploration of how we enable every graduate as a sustainable practitioner. Here’s the guts of a funding application we’ve just submitted, it aims to create an interactive mySustainableLens to communicate Sustainable Lens as a tool for understanding what it means to be a Sustainable Practitioner. ┬áIt is a proposal for a multi-media […]