Blowing Bubbles – Positively Podcasting Covid

Posted on June 5, 2020


At the start of the Covid Lockdown we were asked to a daily radio show/podcast: Blowing Bubbles.  It is broadcast on Otago Access Radio (3pm NZ) and podcast from there and Positive conversations with people in their bubbles around the world.

We’re going for a conversation a bit like Sustainable Lens but with more currency around the current situation.  And deliberately positive.  How are people living their bubble lives, working from home, keeping kids entertained, staying connected and  getting exercise?  And how are these things presenting us with opportunities to find new ways of living?

The show is by the Sustainable Lens team – Samuel Mann in Sawyers Bay Dunedin and Mawera Karetai in Whakatane.  Shane Gallagher drops in when work schedules let him.  We have daily contributions from Tahu Mackenzie and Liesel Mitchell (and Andy Thompson for the first few weeks).


The Star 14/4/20 p22  “Radio Show a Virtual World Tour“.

Whakatane Beacon 3/6/20 pg 9 “Radio Show Puts Positivity in Forefront During Pandemic“.

All the shows (to date)

1. Steve Henry  – Connecting Bubbles 
Natural world and the people getting a chance to breathe
31st March

2. Bill Tomlinson and Rebecca Black – Dad School Bubbles in Orange County 
1st April

3. Jan Hellriegel –  Creativity rocks Jan’s Bubble 
2nd April

4. Kathy New and Holly Watkins – Family bubbles in Lancaster 
3rd April

5. Jeremy Hanshaw – Bangkok Bubbles 

Safe space in busy city
6th April

6. Brian Aycock – Tokyo drift bubbles 7th April

7. Andy Williamson – Toddlering around the Skye bubble (Rethinking parliaments)
8th April

8. Birgit Penzenstadler – Trusting yourself Bubbletown LA 

9th April

9. Fiona Kerr-Gedson – Geometry of bubbles 
. 10th April Good Friday


10. Sonny TeioInspirational bubbles 
13th April Easter Monday

11. Viki Palacin – Finnished Bubbles
14th April Easter Tuesday

12. Elina Eriksson – Swedish Bubbles
15th April Wednesday

13. Colin Venters – Yorkshire bubbles 
16th April


14. Alexa Forbes – Regenerative outcomes
17th April

15. Oonagh McGirr – Communication of kindness

20th April

16. Ruth and Dean Hodgson – Community spirit from the mayoral offices in Pocklington

21st April

17. Jicca Smith and Sylvia Nagl – Relocated bubbles.

Wednesday 22nd April

18. Mary Butler and Lynley Hood– Say hello. VICTA for Visually Impaired Bubbles

23rd April


19. Judy Turner – Resilient community bubbles

Friday 24th

20. Lindsay Smith –  Not very retired bubbles

Monday 27th  ANZAC Day (holiday)

21. Nandor Tanczos –  Regenerative bubbles

“It’s up to us to ensure that this is renewal rather than recovery”

Tuesday 28th

22. Toi Kai Rākau Iti in Ruatoki – Beacons of regenerative bubbles.

Wednesday 29th

23. Vaneeta D’Andrea –  Epic Bubble Poem
Thursday 30th

24. Oliver Bates – Gig-bubble workers’ rights.

Friday 1st May

25. Victor Luca – Exponential bubbles

Monday 4th May

26. Shaun O’Neill – Essentially, a talented bubble

Tuesday 5th May

27. Tamati Coffey – Politics of kindness

Wednesday 6th May

28. Chris Morland – Lived values bubbles

Thursday 7th 

29. David Hursthouse & Sam O’Sullivan – Socio-ecological bubbles
Friday 8th 

30. Lloyd Godman – Ecological bubble art

Monday 11th

31. Andy and Jo ThompsonTouching Earth Bubbles

Monday 11th

32. Dave Tex Smith – Perfect Puddle Bubbles

Wednesday 12th 

33. Lilly Morrow Howden – Creative Escape Bubbles

Thursday 13th

34. Glenys KerProfessionally Practicing Bubbles

Friday 14th

35. Maria Angela Ferrario – Bubbles of Rich Engagement

36. Paul Watters – Secure Bubbles

Tuesday 19th

37. Pam Corkery – Keeping Bubbles Real
Wednesday 20th

38. Vanessa Thomas – Speculative bubbles
Thursday 21st 

38. Vanessa Thomas – Speculative bubbles

Thursday 21st 

39. Keith Whiddon – Small town, big community bubbles

Friday  22nd

40. Ann Light – Celebrating best selves bubbles

Monday 25th

41. Scout Barbour-Evans – Intersected bubbles

Tuesday 26th

42. Dave Lane –  Open bubbles

Wednesday 27th


43. Andrew Perkins – Compositional Bubbles

Thursday 28th

44. Hazel Osborne – Bubbles with Spice of Life

Friday 29th

45. Kellylynn McLaughlin – Bubbling down the highway

Monday 1st

46. Richard Hamer – Gotcha good bubbles

Tuesday 2nd 

47. Matthew Tukaki – No fear bubbles

Wednesday 3rd

48. Jean Ross  – Bubbles of rural nursing

Thursday 4th

49. Virginia JeevesPublishing Community Bubbles

Friday 5th

50.  Michele A’Court  – Celebrating the Bubbles

8th June


51. Mike JonathanFilmy Bubbles

9th June


52. Kelly HughesReconnecting Bubbles

10th June


53. Judy BellinghamSinging Bubbles

11th June


54. Bubble SanctuaryTahu Mackenzie

12th June


55. Workspace BubblesHeidi Renata

Monday 15th


56. Thriving BubblesRichard Mitchell

Tuesday 16th

57. Re-imagining BubblesCatherine Delahunty
Wednesday 17th


58. Speaking of BubblesTrevor Mallard
Thursday 18th


59. Farming Friendly Bubbles – Toby Williams

Friday 19th


60. Jeremy Tacon

Bubble from America (Letter from turmoil)
Monday 22nd

61. Mushtaq Memon
Sustainable Development Bubbles.
Tuesday 23rd


62. Wendy Rapana

Mauri bubbles
Wednesday 24th


63. Martin Andrew

Stories are bubbles of hope
Thursday 25th


64. Vicki Yarker-Jones
Dashing Purple Bubbles

Friday 26th


65. Amy Scott
Dotty bubbles

Monday 29th


66. Jonathan Hagger

Purposefully reconnecting bubbles

Tuesday 30th


67. Fiona McTavish

Re-imaging Bubbles

Wednesday 1st July


68. Jean Ross

Rural Nursing Bubbles Too

Thursday 2nd


69. Matt Valentine

Making Better Bubbles

Friday 3rd


70. Jeff Milham

Connected Conservation Bubbles

Monday 6th


71. Miriam Sturdee

Tuesday 7th
Sketched Bubbles


72. Kathryn Van Beek

Communication for a Better Bubble


Wednesday 8th

73. Golrez Ghahraman

Bubbles of Change Are Possible
9th July

74. Alastair Rhodes

Community Impact Bubbles

10th July

75. Sir Michael Cullen

Bubbles of Humanity

13th July

76. Sophie Barker

Peninsula Bubbles

77. Dan Abel

Buckets of Bubbles

78. Jean Ross

Rural Nursing Practice 3

79. Jens Mueller

Bubble Governance

80. Claire Mahon

Standing Up for Bubbles

81. Jo St Baker

Bubbles of coloured light

82. Thomas Wynn

Bubbling collective values

83. Tim Bell

Bubbles Unplugged

84. Jane Venis

Energetic Artistic Bubbles

85. Dobrila Lopez

Belonging Bubbles

86. Maeve O’Brien

Resilient Tourism Bubbles

87. Tracie Mackey

Consciously Bubbles

88. Tom Mann

Beaming Bubbles

89. Kylie Jackson

Connecting Bubbles

90. Alison Clear

Hunua Bubbles

91. Stephanie Wahab

Keeping it bubbly

92. Kiritapu Allan

Possible Impossible Bubbles

93. Jason Lougher

Business Bubbles

94. Wayne Marriot

BeKinder Bubbles

95. Phoebe Eden-Mann

Advocacy Bubbles

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