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Extraordinary computing

May 12, 2009


Susan Wyche gave a paper at CHI recently: Extraordinary computing: religion as a lens for reconsidering the home (ACM DL).  In it she uses religion as as a lens to examine assumptions and values that shape future  domestic structures.  Her focus was not on faith-laden technology, but on how offline faith affects how people interact.  Following […]

Interactional trajectories

May 12, 2009


I like the work of Steve Benford.  While his paper (From interaction to trajectories: designing coherent journeys through user experiences ACM DL) at  CHI was primarily concerned with interaction design, I think that we can see a wider application, particularly into education for sustainability.   Instead of one-off functions,  Benford considers interactions as a continuty of experiece […]

Process implications of a vision to transform

May 12, 2009


We have long argued that computing needs to contribute more than reductions in its own footprint – computing is key to facilitating a wider change.   Several papers at CHI this year showed products to reduce impacts or change behaviour.  A few completed this circle and looked back to computing (or in this case interaction […]

Computing for habitual sustainability (and a cool bendy speedometer)

May 12, 2009


Minjung Sohn aims to produce products that are “used unconsciously by users with reduced environmental impacts”.   With her colleagues from KAIST, she  argues that existing approaches to eco-friendly design mainly focus on educating users, or making them recognise the need for sustainability.  In Designing with unconscious human behaviors for eco-friendly interaction, Minjung and her colleagues instead […]

Sustainable Computing meets Ecologically Engaged Art

May 6, 2009


As I am reminded several times a day via  gmail’s pop-up, my friend Lloyd Godman describes himself as an “Ecological Artist”.  At CHI this year, Carl DiSalvo (along with Kirsten Boehner, Nicholas Knouf and Phoebe Sengers) explored what sustainable HCI can learn from such ecologically engaged art.   They argue that radical shifts in design are needed for […]


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